Flying Colors Aircraft Paint and Interior

Wood never looked so good!

Flying Colors Paint and Interiors is proud to include Cabinetry in our list of professional services provided for your aircraft. As beautiful as the cabinets of any aircraft is, eventually we know that bumps, scratches, and chips are going to form. That is why we have decided to offer this new line of interior work to make sure that your carpets, seats, headliner, and cabinets all match and look brand new. Our work is done by skilled professionals and includes:

  • A thorough analysis for possible damage and repair.
  • Customization of existing panels such as
    • Band new or improved Veneer.
    • New stain color or a fresh coat of the existing one.
    • New lacquer coating or fixes to imperfections
  • Quality inspections and regular updates on the the progress

We will make sure that your cabinetry meet your expectations through our process. Carefully stripping the veneer and clear off of the existing panels. Then carefully coat and paint them to match the color you selected. After we trim it to fit the panel exactly as it is and coat it with lacquer until it shines. If there are any imperfections or something unsatisfactory about the panel, our team will redo or touch it up to perfection. Shown below is one of our most recent jobs we completed.

Our team will make sure that every piece of cabinetry received is, and without sacrificing quality, handled with care and finished on time. Along with regular updates and real time feedback we are sure that you will enjoy your cabinetry for countless flights. As well as the redone interior. Thank you for choosing Flying colors paint and interior and contact us for a fair and accurate quote. For a quick but detailed discussion of any questions, wants, and needs,  please call (856)-(359-4641).